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The Un-Article Series I

Magic, Mastery or Mastering Magic?

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Anchors Aweigh!

We often say that our advertising agency can be seen as a little laboratory where magic is created. Ad magic. And, in essence, that’s what it is. But when we get asked how it is that we do it, how exactly this small lab is functioning, the use of magic imagery appears way too convenient of a description. Because, you know… magic!

The truth is that behind every result of magic that we deliver, there exists a process of work that by no means involves spells handed down by old maids, and fairy feathers boiled above fires cracked on edelweiss and roses.

Bearing this in mind, it goes without saying that any attempt at describing the way our little magic lab lives and breathes, presents the demand to leave all the magic aside (for now) and employ a different imagery, just to communicate our way of… sailing. Yes, you guessed it, hop on board, we are taking you for a sailing trip.

Have you ever seen one of these small sporty fast-track sailing yachts roaming around the seas, manoeuvring according to the wind, adjusting their speed and direction and heading forward to win? Well, we could be it. Only, instead of conquering the waves of the seven seas, we set out to quell the waters right at the point where market, society, advertising industry and creativity meet.

Most probably, now you are wondering… out of so many options among boats, ferries, canoes and cruise ships, why do we identify with a small sporty sailing yacht? For one, it is pretty self-evident that we cannot relate with an ocean liner. Not solely because that would be entirely incompatible with our size as an ad agency, but also because we are definitely not taking anyone for a slow-moving, and often boring, all-inclusive vacation.

We are a sports yacht with swiftness and agility, and an experienced team that is ready to take action at all times, knowing how to make the necessary movements in order for our shiny vessel to keep cutting through the sea. Because it should be clear that we are not on auto-pilot. Our group of skilled sailors is the one handling the waves and the wind. We create everything in-house, from scratch, constantly mastering our craft. Manoeuvring is our major skill, translated in the expert way in which we control our mast and sails in order to keep sailing forward, ensuring that our crew and clients are safe on the surface and ahead of the race.

The ability to manoeuvre is essential, since the waters are not welcoming at all times, and, yes, every sea has its storms. It is a matter of skill to stay on the surface and keep sailing against the wind. And the load the yacht carries needs to be one that will not affect the balance of the sail. Surely, as in every other industry, some jobs are breezy, allowing for an easy, quiet sail, and some others are more challenging, presenting the risk of slowing down and lose balance. And here it is where the mastery appears. Not the magic, the mastery. For our sailors have the skill to manage a smooth sail regardless. Securing a win. After all, it is those things that create difficulties that make one feel more alive. Or, to paraphrase Louisa Mary Alcott, it is the storms that teach us how to sail our ships. It is only a matter of wanting to learn, or letting to sink. And we definitely want to learn.

So there it is. For all of you who wanted to know how our advertising agency remains not only afloat, but ahead of the race, we just gave you the perfect allegory for understanding our understanding of functioning. Now, the fact that on our sailing yacht we do keep a corner of edelweiss and roses and a large boiling pot full of fairy feathers, is just that extra bit of magic that advertising absolutely needs!