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Why is it great for you?

Hello world! Da llamas want to keep you in the loop, and so we are dropping a note about Summercliff’s status as a badged Google Partner!

Which is a big deal! Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands. A badged Google Partner is a company that demonstrated such Google Ads expertise as to earn Partner status, which comes with the signature badge and benefits available exclusively to badged agencies.

However, a Google Partner is more than a badge and its relevant benefits. The Partner status signifies quality customer service and ensures that clients who collaborate with a badged partner have a sufficient competitive advantage. This is partly due to the fact that Google Partners undergo a perpetual process of growth, since among the benefits that come with the badge are continuous opportunities for training by Google. And, you know what this means… the more we learn, the more our customers advance! Additionally, in order to achieve Google Partner status, da Llamas keep up to date with current Google AdWords certifications, and with the ability to use all the AdWords features!

Another way in which the Google Partnership is absolutely advantageous for customers, is the fact that it gives badged Partners access to new Google features before non-partners have access to them. Speaking of access, da Llamas can attend training sessions to be on top of their game! This simply means that we are given yet another reason to work hard and offer our customers the best possible services when it comes to online advertising.

In other words, our badge is your badge!

And we plan on keep offering you top-quality advertising services.

Now excuse us, while we do our llama magic… feel free to have a closer look at our work!