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In anticipation of Summer 2018, Seccom wanted to promote its outdoor range and raise awareness about its partnership with international brands that are famous for their quality material and their impeccable design.

The major goal of this campaign was to promote the Outdoor Furniture of Seccom by highlighting its modern and elegant designs and to stress the significance of investing in furniture of high quality that are made with material that are resilient and timeless. The combination of these two features is what seperates Seccom from the local competition that features many other options at a lower cost which, nonetheless, are not as durable.

Summercliff approached the campaign by creating images and concepts that reinforced the atmosphere that stylish outdoors can exude, and highlighted their importance, especially for contexts like Cyprus where the weather allows for their use during the largest part of the year.

Through a thorough digital campaign, Summercliff created online advertising and promotional material that included Google Banners, Facebook Posts and a Landing Page to divert traffic.

The account of Seccom is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


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