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A Master of Pasta Championship


Barilla, after recruiting the famous tennis player Roger Federer as its Global Brand Ambassador, moved forward to create an international campaign full of tennis skill and pasta flavour. Cyprus “joined in the joy” of this merge and Summercliff was assigned the local digital promotion of the “master of pasta” campaign, through social media and Google Ads.


To popularize the “Master of Pasta” campaign in Cyprus and strengthen the link between Barilla products and the healthy, quality lifestyles of the tennis elite. Significant aim of this campaign had been the promotion of the range of Barilla pasta and sauces and the further increase of the brand’s popularity among the Cypriot consumers.


A creative approach based on the international campaign that supported the “master of pasta” slogan and hashtag. Images captured from Barilla’s TVC with Federer were used, along with other visual material and catchy copy that combined tennis as an elite sport with high-quality pasta.


A series of creative visuals and animations promoting Barilla products through the “Master of Pasta” concept were created and distributed via Social Media channels. The digital campaign also featured Google Ads.

The account of Barilla is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


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