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CSR Report 2017

Hellenic Bank

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Hellenic Bank conducted its first “Corporate Social Responsibility” Report, as required by public interest entities, such as the Bank. The purpose of this kind of reports is to communicate an entity’s development, performance, position and the effect of its operations on environmental, social and employment issues, including the respect for human rights, the fight against corruption and bribery matters.


In being assigned the preparation and design of this lengthy report, Summercliff had to serve a double purpose. On the one hand, to make a clear presentation that would be corporate in style and at the same time appealing to the eye, and on the other, to handle the design in a way that would be consistent with the branding image held for other reports created for Hellenic Bank.


The CSR report was a long document that included text, charts and text. Summercliff prepared a layout design based on the ones produced previously for Hellenic Bank’s Industry Survey Reports and Economic Reviews. In this way, the branding of the organisation in relation to reports would remain coherent. The content was positioned in a way as to be tidy, eye-pleasing and clearly shown. Some of the photographs used for the report were also processed to best fit the style of the report. Several charts and graphs that appear in the report are custom-designed by the Summercliff creative team, in order to demonstrate the data displayed as clearly as possible.


Projects like this and their successful outcome make it ever-clear that even corporate needs creativity for being communicated. Summercliff knows, and delivers accordingly.


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