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IKEA Cyprus in association with Summercliff launched a new innovative campaign ‘Διασκεδάζουμε μαζί’ or ‘Fun Together‘.


The concept of this promotion is an extension of the latest creative approach adopted by IKEA, which “allows” IKEA items to speak for themselves and tell their own personal stories regarding their life with their owners!


The mechanism of the game requires that participants match correctly 5 IKEA products with their corresponding story. Each one of these random stories refer to one IKEA product, if put in the context of everyday life.


In case the participants matched correctly all 5 IKEA products and corresponding stories, their names were then entered automatically in a draw for the chance to win a gift voucher from IKEA. A winner was chosen daily from the pool of contestants who entered the competition. The winner then received a €30 gift voucher. At the end of the competition 1 lucky winner was chosen to receive a €200 Gift Voucher from IKEA‏.


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